Raumplus Sliding Doors
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Discover a place where bedrooms get the attention they deserve!

The bedroom is like a sanctuary, your place to rest, recharge and get a good night’s sleep.

Therefore, you want your bedroom to be clutter-free and provide a sense of calmness, taking you away from your busy routines at the end of the day.

Have you ever been to a developer show home and admired their beautiful bedroom designs, where everything looks perfectly arranged and the design perfectly blends in with the rest of the house? These are the type of bedrooms everyone admires having in their homes.

Your dream bedroom can now become a reality!

With our beautiful raumplus bedroom furniture, available at Kutchenhaus York, we can help you make the most of your bedroom space and find the best solution to keep all your favourite garments neat and tidy. Visit the raumplus website and get inspired!

Located at the Kutchenhaus York showroom, award-winning design expert Stu has been in the bedroom industry for 27 years and is looking forward to dressing up your bedroom with you.

We recently met up with Stu and wanted to know more about what made him choose the bedroom design industry, what makes his day and if he has a memorable design project.

Here is what Stu shared with us:

“I enjoy the design flexibility that particularly sliding doors give me. It's also the freedom to design using a plethora of materials, colours and textures.”

“What absolutely makes my day is the client excitement and anticipation following a design visit and even more so client gratification after an installation.”

In terms of the greatest achievement, Stu proudly told us about winning a Design award for a Manchester development, refurbishing a former commercial property into exclusive luxury apartments. "There were curved walls odd-shaped rooms and large windows to accommodate. Somewhat unusually at the time, each apartment was designed individually.”

Bespoke Bedroom Furniture
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About raumplus

Established in the Hanseatic City of Bremen in Northern Germany in 1986, raumplus furniture provides you with the highest standards of quality bedroom furniture made to measure.   

Whether you are looking for sliding doors, room dividers, or complete wardrobe systems with practical shelving systems and pull-outs, raumplus can offer you a solution tailored to your needs.

What does your dream wardrobe look like?
Choose from built-in wardrobes, walk-in or bespoke wardrobes tailored to fit in sloping roofs, corner wardrobes or sliding door systems. Discover the endless possibilities to create your personal bedroom sanctuary.  Download your free raumplus brochure

Start your bedroom renovation project today!

Are you considering to re-arrange your wardrobe but are not quite sure where to start?  Book a free design consultation with Stu, where you can ask questions about the raumplus product and the design process to find the best solution for your available space.

Give your bedroom the attention it deserves.