Clever Utility Room Design Ideas
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Would you like to create a separate utility area in your home?
Here are some useful design ideas!

Your home is your castle, so they say, but let's be honest, English room proportions sometimes tell a different story.

Choosing the best utility room option
Kitchen design trends are leaning towards integrated utility rooms, where washing machine and laundry items are hidden by clever tall unit access doors or sliding doors in the same colour as your kitchen.

What if the available space or room layout does not allow a hidden room? 

In such cases, it's helpful to consider alternative rooms in your home to find the best possible solution for a utility area. Clever thinking will allow you to go big on functionality in even small spaces, to make a room work for you.

Laundry area in small spaces
In a small or tight room, a simplified utility area could include wall housing units for a washer and dryer, possibly a sink, tap, storage cupboards and workspace. Space above the appliances provides a place for storage. Under-sink units keep your laundry products tidy and countertop areas create a place for folding. 

Free wall space could allow for wall-mounted or ceiling-hung drying racks, easy to move when not in use.

Utility ideas for smaller spaces
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The clever extra space tip
Carving out a small footprint in a hallway, walk-through or under-stairs areas could be the key to unlocking clever extra storage space.

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