Are Kutchenhaus kitchens good quality?
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Are Kutchenhaus kitchens good quality?

Yes, Kutchenhaus kitchens are high-quality products made available to you at surprisingly affordable prices.

At Kutchenhaus, you can find the kitchen you’ve been searching for!

All our kitchens are made in Germany by nobilia, Europe’s largest kitchen manufacturer. As part of their over 75 years of investment in quality and production, nobilia takes pride in extensive testing of all their products, which means that you receive the best quality products to withstand the everyday use a kitchen goes through.

In the video below you can see an example of a nobilia test robot in action, completing the task of 60,000 times opening and closing a set of kitchen units.

What is the difference between Kutchenhaus and other High Street kitchen brands?

All our Kutchenhaus showrooms are owned by individual business owners passionate about transforming homes with beautiful, high-quality, fitted kitchens. Kutchenhaus customers rate our products and services excellent with 5* on Trustpilot, based on over 1,100 reviews. Click here to read what our customers say about us.

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Our German kitchens stand out in their quality and functionality.
For example, our tall units are real space miracles. With our intelligent interior organisation and durable mechanisms, we can offer you plenty of storage space. Our products are very flexible and suitable for more than just your kitchen. You can extend it to transform even the most diverse living spaces, including your living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, utility rooms or entrance hallways.


We can also offer you a variety of accessories for your kitchen interior or to add beautiful finishing touches to your kitchen.  Just like our modular railing system which offers you stylish storage solutions for all your favourite items ready to hand. Adding LED lighting creates a beautiful atmosphere and puts all the elements in the perfect spotlight.

Are Kutchenhaus kitchen designs bespoke?

Yes, each kitchen is designed to your individual needs and requirements.

As part of our new products for 2023, we are also introducing a new grid system. The N144 system allows us to create even better individual designs, such as kitchen designs for small spaces or for rooms with high ceilings, which means you can take full advantage of all your available space.

Our new N144 harmonised planning grid makes it so much easier to plan your new Kutchenhaus kitchen as well as other spaces in your home.
Did you know you can also take your Kutchenhaus products to other rooms, such as living and dining areas, or even the bathroom, utility room or pantry?

Are you looking to update your existing kitchen or planning a kitchen extension or home renovation project?

We believe that your home deserves a quality kitchen made in Germany. Discover our fantastic fitted kitchens made in Germany, offering you excellent value for money.

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