Factors that influence the cost of your kitchen
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Factors that influence the cost of your Kutchenhaus kitchen

One of the key questions customers ask when they visit our showrooms or attend the free design appointment is how much a Kutchenhaus kitchen costs.

The answer becomes clearer within the consultation process, where the designer will ask you about the size and specific requirements for your new kitchen.

Pricing up your Kutchenhaus kitchen is not a box-standard figure you may find promoted from other kitchen suppliers.

Instead of a flat pack kitchen or a one-size-fits-all design, you purchase a bespoke kitchen, where we tailor the design to your personal needs and requirements. Our kitchen designers want to listen to you first before visualising your ideas.

Understanding what you want helps us focus on important items rather than adding costly features you don’t need, helping you maintain your desired budget.

Bespoke Kitchen Design Service
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Here are just some of the factors that will influence the cost of your kitchen:

  • The shape or layout of your kitchen (island, galley, peninsula), as this may influence how many kitchen units you need or want.
  • The size of your kitchen (small or large space, kitchen extension), as this can also influence the number of kitchen units, appliances and storage solutions.
  • What type of appliance you need, depending on your cooking preferences.
  • How important storage is and if you like a separate utility room.
  • Have you got a favourite appliance brand?
  • Would you prefer laminate or solid stone worktops?


Listening to your ideas and finding out what your dream kitchen looks like are essential details for our kitchen designers to create a kitchen that is just as unique as you and that sits within your allocated budget.

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We hope you now have a better understanding of our Kutchenhaus products and services and which elements influence how much your Kutchenhaus kitchen costs.