Getting to know... Matt from Rarebird Gin
Rare Bird Gin

Find out more about Rarebird Gin, from its founder – Matt! 

We’re joined by Matt, the owner, founder and maker of Rare Bird Gin, a small batch distillery in Malton. We sat down over our favourite gin cocktails to find out more about them. 

What inspired you to create Rare Bird Gin?  

For thirty years, I was actually a firefighter in York City centre! I loved it, but I was retiring and was looking for a completely new adventure. My brother owns a brewery, so he offered to franchise it with me, but I’m not a big beer guy. 

I do love gin though, and when my wife and I visited the City of London Gin distillery, it truly inspired me. The still is such a beautiful piece of equipment, and that’s when I decided to create Rare Bird Gin.

What makes Rare Bird Gin different?

A few things, I suppose. It’s made in small batches by me. I like to run an open house, there’s no secrets! If you’ve got a question, come to the distillery and I’ll show you how we do it.  

We always get lots of compliments on the bottle. It’s unusual in shape, and we’ve seen that customers like to use it after they’ve finished the gin, for tea lights, even standing lamps.

And of course, the flavour! Our gins are inspired by our travels in Europe, lemons from Sicily, rosemary from France, etc. With a home in Tuscany and France, our gins are inspired by our favourite places. We love the Mediterranean meets Yorkshire flavours.

What makes Malton the perfect place to distil Rare Bird Gin?

If you’re looking for small, independent food and drink businesses, there’s no one else like Malton. It’s a market town that’s become a hub of people and businesses that love food and now it’s a destination. It’s great to be among like-minded individuals. 

What’s your favourite gin-based cocktail?

The Negroni is one of my favourites. Made up of a balance of gin, sweet vermouth and Campari with an orange slice garnish, it’s cherry red, herbaceous and a bit of an acquired taste.   

I also love a classic gin martini, it’s just a perfect vehicle for the gin you choose!

What’s next for Rare Bird Gin?

We’ve just released a new gin for summer – Madagascan vanilla flavour. It’s almost a cross between spiced rum and gin. We had planned to launch the delicious new gin last year, but due to the Covid restrictions we took the decision to wait until summer 2021.  

Kutchenhaus is partnering with the Malton Food Lovers Festival 2021 to create their chef’s demonstration space. Make sure you say hello to Rare Bird Gin while you’re there, and enter the prize draw for the chance to win one of three beautiful Rare Bird Gin gift sets!